NOVEX Bohemia

The company Novex Bohemia s.r.o. performs hard chromium plating in its Slaný facility. Among the benefits that we offer are attractive prices, high quality, and flexibility.

Services Provided:

Chromium Plating of New Parts
Renovation of Parts
Partial Chromium Plating of Parts: Sections not subject to chromium plating are covered before process
Grinding: Before and after chromium plating
Induction Hardening
Micro Welding

Hard Chromium Plating:

Chromovna 3 Chrom_kompozice_01 Valce_2013_2

Hard chromium plating is a surface treatment characterized by high wear resistance, hardness, and resistance against corrosion and extreme temperatures. Hard chromium plating meets the special requirements of engineering production. It cannot be substituted by art (decorative) chromium plating.
The chromium plating facility is divided into two operations. The first one enabling us to process parts with a diameter of up to 200 mm and a length of up to 2,200 mm. Of course, we are also able to chromium plate small components. This operation processes individual jobs, as well as jobs comprising smaller or larger series.
The second operation enabling us to process parts with a diameter of up to 500 mm and a length of up to 8,000 mm. We are the only company in the Czech Republic capable of chromium plating such large items.
Furthermore, we are the only chromium plating facility of its kind in the Czech Republic that works independently – other plants are part of manufacturing enterprises. This enables us to flexibly respond to customers’ requirements, mainly as regards the delivery periods.


We provide our services to all major Czech engineering companies, as well as to foreign customers. The absolute majority of our work is intended for export, as most of our Czech customers export their products to Western Europe.
The services of the Slany Chromium Plating Facility are provided to, among others, the following companies:
Skoda Auto, Skoda TS Plzen, Vitkovice, Zdas, Trinecke zelezarny, Mittal Steel


Grinding 1 Grinding 3 Grinding 5

We have acquired a new CNC grinder from the leading Czech company TOS. The unit is equipped with a Siemens control system, and enables grinding with the following parameters:

Swing over Bed 250 mm
Center-to-Center Distance 1250 mm
Maximum Center-to-Center Workpiece Weight 250 kg
Maximum Weight of Overhung Workpiece, Including Fixture, Without Support 50 kg

We can of course arrange for grinding before/after chrome plating in cooperation with our long-term and reliable business partners. The maximum length of the ground part is 8,000 mm.

Micro Welding

Micro Welding 4 Micro Welding - Honza svařuje Micro Welding IMG_0478 Micro Welding Micro Welding

As a prerequisite for proper chrome plating, the part to be chrome plated must be prepared carefully – i.e. it must be metallurgically pure, without any holes, scratches, or other defects in the base material. Chromium only replicates the surface of the supplied part. We currently have unique technology at our disposal capable of repairing defects like holes or scratches on the surface of the part. Thanks to this micro welding equipment, we are able to save customers a good deal of time and money. Any part containing such defects does not have to be taken back by the customer for reprocessing and eliminating the defects. Instead, we are able to flexibly repair such defects in the base material at our facility. The customer thus saves the costs of transporting and repairing the part, and then returning it to our facility. Time-savings are also significant. The equipment is fully mobile, so we are also able to perform repairs on the customer’s premises, and even abroad.