Hard chrome plating

Hard chrome plating is a surface treatment characterized by high resistance to wear and tear, hardness, resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures. Hard chrome plating meets the special requirements of mechanical engineering production. It must not be mistaken for decorative chrome plating.

The chrome plating plant has two parts. In the first part, we are capable of chrome plating parts that are up to 200 mm in diameter and 2,200 mm in length. Of course, we provide chrome plating of small parts as well. In this part, we carry out individual jobs, as all well as jobs in small and larger series.

In the second part, we are capable of chrome plating parts that are up to 550 mm in diameter and 7,500 mm in length. We are the only company in the Czech Republic that is capable of chrome plating parts of such size.

We are the only chrome plating plant in the Czech Republic that operates independently; other chrome plating plants are part of manufacturing companies. This naturally allows us to respond flexibly to the customers’ requirements, particularly when it comes to delivery times.

Parts exceeding 3,800 mm in length must be chrome plated in two steps (the part must be turned); therefore, there is a double layer in the middle of the part, which must subsequently be polished or ground.

Quality of Our Services

The company’s main priority is to meet the customers’ requirements within the required deadlines and with the required quality of services. The quality of our services is the main factor affecting customer satisfaction and strengthening the company’s reputation. This way NOVEX Bohemia s. r. o. commits to meeting the requirements of ISO standards and to continuous improvement. Our employees have many years of experience in the field of surface treatment and – without exaggeration – are among the foremost experts in the field of chrome plating and related activities. We continue to expand our services to include new technologies, so that we are able to offer our customers comprehensive solutions in numerous versions, not only for new parts, but also for repairs and renovations.


The company is committed to strict compliance with the laws and regulations in the area of environmental protection, occupational safety and waste management. We regularly perform measurements of concentrations of hazardous substances in the plant. We try to minimize any adverse impact on the environment. The Slaný chrome plating plant is connected to the system of municipal services and complies with the emissions limits for air pollution. All operations are monitored on a continuous basis and are checked by a third-party authorized entity providing supervision of all activities related to environmental protection, hygiene, occupational safety and waste management.


We also have our own laboratory, where we are able to perform any analyses on a regular basis related to the condition of the electroplating baths, so that we are able to flexibly respond to any changes and thus maintain the baths in the ideal prescribed condition.


We provide chrome plating services for all major Czech engineering companies and for foreign companies. The vast majority of our contracts are intended for export, because a large portion of the contracts from our Czech customers are also intended for export to Western Europe.


NOVEX Bohemia s.r.o. is a member of the professional Czech Society for Surface Treatment (ČSPÚ), associating companies, institutions and workers in the field of surface treatment.