Abitibi Panelling and Mouldings

The panelling with wood, stone, brick or tile finish offers great potential for applications in interior renovation, as well as in new rooms. Thanks to the easy and quick installation by simply gluing it in place, it will make it possible for you to modify the interior quickly and exactly to your wishes, with minimum effort and at an affordable cost. We also supply ABITIBI mouldings for the panels.

The ABITIBI panels with wood, stone, brick or tile finish can be installed very quickly and easily (by simply gluing them in place). They are particularly suitable for the reconstruction of sanitary units in concrete panel modular buildings, wall and ceiling panelling in hallways and corridors, for the reconstruction of attics, kitchen and other furnishings, etc.
The ABITIBI panels and mouldings and LN 601 and LN-603 adhesives can be purchased in most hobby markets throughout the Czech Republic. Upon your request, we can provide you with the location of the closest store in your area.

The main advantages of ABITIBI panelling include:

  • Top-class design, detailed 3D texture – surface treatment (wood, floorboards, bricks, stone, tiles)
  • More installation alternatives and generally faster installation than bonding of wall covering or tiles
    Panel Dimensions: Height 244 cm, Width 122 cm, Thickness 0.4 – 0.6 cm
  • Waterproof types are used for bathroom panelling, with bathroom panels being fixed in the entire area
    Simple shaping by using electric as well as manual saws
  • Can be fixed on plaster, bricks, old panelling, wood, Formica, etc.
  • All types are colour-stable and washable
  • As a panel base, only natural materials were used (wood fibre, lignin) – no harmful substances included
  • Panelling improves thermal as well as acoustic insulation of interiors
  • Original rubber adhesives enable simple bonding and correct placement of panels

ABITIBI panelling and moulding offer a wide range of applications, e.g. in:

  • Reconstruction of bathrooms in brick houses or flats, where ABITIBI panelling can be fixed on old tiles in a fast and clean manner.
  • Cladding of walls and ceilings in corridors, staircases, in basements, entrance halls, foyers, as well as rooms
  • Reconstruction of garrets and attics
  • Wall cladding in offices and new buildings
  • Cladding and reconstruction of kitchens
  • Manufacture of furniture, built-in wardrobes, etc.

Perfect installation is dependent on the use of those adhesives supplied for these panels: LN 601 and LN 603. LN 601 is supplied in cartridges, and LN 603 in cans. In addition to the bonding of ABITIBI panelling and moulding, these adhesives are also successfully used by other companies (joiners, installation companies, construction companies, builders of wood constructions).