NOVEX Praha s.r.o. is an importer and distributor of supplemental decorative interior and exterior elements, for example, decorative mouldings and interior panelling etc.

We also offer a broad selection of adhesives, foam and bonding materials. We sell and install Hunton panels, which are suitable for interior panelling in wooden structures. We offer a very broad portfolio of products, which is continuously updated and extended according to the demands and wishes of our customers.

The ABITIBI panels and mouldings and LN 601 and LN-603 adhesives can be purchased in most hobby markets throughout the Czech Republic. Upon your request, we can provide you with the location of the closest store in your area.



We offer high-quality LIQUID NAILS adhesives, which can be used not only for gluing the materials supplied by us, but also for many other materials, such as Styrofoam, floor tiles, facing, plywood, cork panels, etc.


Abitibi Panelling and Mouldings


The panelling with wood, stone, brick or tile finish offers great potential for applications in interior renovation, as well as in new rooms. Thanks to the easy and quick installation by simply gluing it in place, it will make it possible for you to modify the interior quickly and exactly to your wishes, with minimum effort and at an affordable cost. We also supply ABITIBI mouldings for the panels.


NMC and LX Mouldings


NMC interior and exterior decorative elements (decorative profiles, wall and base mouldings, rosettes, columns, pilasters, parapets, etc.) are easy to install; the individual elements can be combined in many ways, and painted in the desired shade – this will allow you to perfectly harmonize your interior in a quick and easy manner, from floor to ceiling exactly according to your wishes. LX mouldings are only offered for professional use.


Hunton Panels


Hunton panels are used for exterior wall panelling in wooden buildings and for roof covering. The panels’ moisture permeability from the inside of the building is ten times higher in comparison to other comparable materials, the panels also prevent moisture penetration from the outside of the building, and they are light and easy to handle. We both supply and install the panels.